Not so good,

Well hello all of you,

It has been awhile hasn’t it? I hope everyones new year has been awesome. I started off my new year with the flu! It was awesome. Lot’s has happened

– My guy didn’t leave for the Coast Guard because of an injured foot
– I cancelled my enrollment at the art institute of seattle, just because I have no idea what I really want to do with my life right now
– And, I went gluten free.

Some of you may not know, but I have celiac disease. It’s an auto immune disease that destroys my villi in my small intestine whenever I eat gluten. Well, some of you may know I have been eating it all my life, even when I found out about having Celiacs. For the longest time I didn’t care, but when I got the flu in the beginning of January, I lost a lot of weight. About ten pounds, which brought me down to an even 100 pounds. I thought it was just from throwing up so much and not eating, but after a few weeks I still wasn’t gaining weight, I was actually still losing weight. I finally went to the doctors, and got blood taken as well as an IV that was full of nutrients and vitamins. Turns out, it’s all because I’ve been eating gluten. By destroying my villi I wasn’t absorbing any nutrients and was in turn, Malnourished. It was tough figuring that out, but honestly – I still didn’t care. Until I looked at the long term side effects and finally realized – I was slowly but surely killing myself, and my future. So I stopped eating gluten.

It’s been really hard, taking something out of your diet that you eat all the time. For those of you who don’t know I don’t eat meat. Or fruits. Or veggies. I’m a hot mess, and I am working on eating better, but for the mean time I am still really struggling and still losing weight. I hit an all time low of 93.4 pounds today. And all my size 00 pants are too big. Dresses that once fit like a dream now hang loose and droopy.

It’s hitting me hard, as long as my mom and my guy. They love me, and I am learning to love me too.

I’m not asking for much, but if you know anything yummy and gluten free throw it my way,

also if I could ask for some prayers or something that would be great.

Thanks for reading my peeps. 🙂

Heres a photo of a pretty kitty, it’s my background!58c0d282baa29f79f70f77837fbdd3c8

A year in review


I honestly cannot believe that 2012 is pretty much done with, and a new year is right around the corner!

This year was full of…a lot.

My boys car got broken into in January.

I went to Leavenworth with my boy and his parents!



Me and Momma Bear had to put down our little old man. 😦


Went camping in my boys truck at Fort Warden! 😀

(Cant find a photo! WHATTT!?!?!?)

We welcomed two more Kitties into our crazy family!


My boy became and Eagle Scout!


Spring break in Baker OR with my guy and his dad! Super funnn!







I turned 18! Whoot…no photos..

Lake Chelan with my boy!! photos…

August 3rd – two years together. ❤



I got a job!

My boy got into the Coast Guard.

It’s been a great year. ❤

2013 – you better kick ass!